Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden is a quiet space you can go to for some meditation time or to think about your loved ones who have transitioned. It is located near the main entrance of the building and is surrounded by memorial bricks. The bricks are not limited to past church members. Just as Unity is open and accepting of all people, so is our memorial garden.

Memorial Garden (1) (5-3 Ratio)

The following people have been remembered in the Memorial Garden.

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Klara Arrington

Candy Balas

Brinca Baum

Joshua Barton

Frieda Bennett

Juanita Berns

Colette Birch

Tony Birch

Karen Blaser

Charles “Skeeter” Bratton

Carole Breckbill

The Burroughs Sisters

Carolyn Churilla

Denise Churilla

Melba Coffman

Bill Dykes

Louise Dykes

Mary Dickerson

Rev. Peggy Elia

Rusty Ensign

Charles A Forrest

Myrtle Geraghty

Becky Gillespie

Doris Harstine

Robert Harstine

Vern King

Daniel Krocker

Donn Meier

Elaine Meier

Ron McKim

Evelyn Okey

Elmer Schroeder

Elsie Schroeder

Ruby Shepherd

Theodore Shepherd

Marilyn Stertzbach

Harold Stoner

Hilda Stoner

Bruce Sugarberg

Nancy Taylor

Dagmar Telew

Marian Vliet

Paul Wood

Eloise Wood

Joan Youngblood