She was the original Hippie, escaping from Ohio, ending up in sunny California just at the right time.

Off she went in her Ford convertible (1954 Ford convertible) and never looked back.

Her family missed her but wished her happiness and peace.  Several of her sisters eventually were able to visit and enjoy her bohemian and loving California family and friends.  She would give you the shirt off her back or go and buy you a new one.

Home on Venice Beach for decades was her stomping grounds.  She would introduce you to Cher, Diana Ross, Madonna, and then laugh when you met these impersonators in their normal clothes.

Her mom traveled to Vegas so they could gamble together before flying to Venice Beach for an extended vacation.  They were made from the same cloth as gambling, laughter and remembering West Virginia family tales that were shared.

Every family has a relative that loves everyone unconditionally.  Poochie was one in ours.

So many friends and family will feel the void left, but remember her smile and love.

Coffman_Melba (4-2)

*Sister of Cindy Bratton.

-Brick Contributed by Cindy Bratton