Have you ever wondered what you were in a past life?
Do you have recurring dreams or thoughts of another place and time?
Do you have fears that you can’t explain, and no matter what you do, can’t seem to reconcile these fears or figure out where they started?
Past Life Regression often holds the answers to these haunting questions.
In this informational meeting and workshop, you:

      • Will experience the process of past life regression in a group setting
      • Will discover the many ways past life regression can help heal energies impacting the present life and give you a greater understanding and compassion for yourself and others
      • Will learn whether or not you would like to try an individual past life regression.
      • At a minimum, will gain comfort with the process of past life regression, hear feedback from others, and have a relaxing experience!

Unity of Massillon

Cost:  $35 ($25 for Unity Of Massillon members)

Class will be held once 3 people have registered, so please register by contacting Barb Costelloe by email, text or phone.

Please bring a pillow and blanket if you wish to do the regression lying on the floor.
(Be advised – many people fall asleep this way!)

Barb Costelloe, RN

What happens during a Past Life Regression?

The process starts with progressive relaxation. Guided meditation techniques will put you in an alpha brain wave state (light hypnosis) in order to access your subconscious mind. Guided imagery will allow your subconscious mind to recall past events that are impacting your present life. YOU are in control at all times and will remember the entire session. This is absolutely necessary so that your conscious mind can process the information and bring healing to the present.

How can Past Life Regression help you in the present?

    • It can help you resolve difficult relationships.
    • It can speed up the emotional or physical healing process as one discovers on a much deeper level the root causes of one’s problems as experienced in the present.
    • It can reveal your life purpose and bring forward unfinished lessons.
    • It can help you understand why you have certain characteristics, passions, desires, values, talents, concerns, etc.
    • It can give you a greater sense of inner peace, love and self-acceptance through understanding why you have chosen your life circumstances and the lessons they bring you.
    • It can simply help you to live a happier and more balanced life in the now!

About Barb Costelloe

Barb’s lifetime interest in spiritual growth and understanding has led her to her present-day skills as a past life regressionist and a Reiki practitioner. Barb was trained and certified in 1982 in a technique of Past Life Regression called Psychography, through the auspices of the American Psychographical Association, Inc. Psychography was developed during the 1950s by a medium and early pioneer in modern-day reincarnation research, Dr. Franklin Loehr ( Barb has studied reincarnation since 1972, has recalled more than 50 of her own past lives, and has considerable experience in helping others to recall their own past lives in the group and individual setting.