Spiritual Leader Message

 by Dr. Bob Churilla

On the spiritual path we often hear talk of awakening and enlightenment. But awakening and enlightenment are processes. Very seldom do they happen overnight. Awakening involves a realization there is something more to our being. It often has stops and starts. Like anything else in life, our experiences result in growth. Sometimes our greatest growth occurs as we travel over troubled waters. Our purpose on this physical plane is to learn and grow.

Awakening often leads to having “aha” moments. These are moments like the twinkling of an eye where we experience a sudden realization. The realization of a particular insight may have escaped us for years. But all of a sudden, a seemingly senseless and perplexing situation can be understood in the larger context of the Universe. Awakening requires patience and reflection, but we came to the earth for these various moments of understanding.

As we continue on our spiritual path, let us savor the moments of learning we experience on our path. It is why we volunteered for this earth assignment in the first place. Let us look for signs of awakening and enlightenment. Our journey on the spiritual path is part of the reward we receive on this earth for the time we spend here. Happy travels!