Spiritual Leader Message

 by Dr. Bob Churilla

Another New Year is Upon Us

It is hard to believe. Another new year is upon us. With each new year there is the promise of a new start. A new beginning. Every new year has the promise of hope. Hope for increased health, prosperity and love in our relationships. But it all starts in one place. That is in our thoughts.

Are you prepared for the new year? Have you created the consciousness that will make this the best year ever? The way to have a great year is to continue growing in consciousness. Reaching higher levels of consciousness is what manifests joy, happiness and prosperity in your life. How can we reach higher levels of consciousness?

As we enter the new year let us continue spiritual practices that uplift us like prayer and meditation. Let us be lifelong learners on the spiritual path. Reading spiritual books and applying spiritual principles in our daily life. The spiritual life is rigorous. There is always something new to learn. As we continue to do so, we are guaranteed a great 2023. Happy New Year!