Spiritual Leader Message

Shine Your Inner Light

 by Dr. Bob Churilla

As the days grow longer this summer, we are able to enjoy the extra light that allows us to enjoy more hours of each day. Likewise, the more we read spiritual books, pray and meditate, our own inner light grows ever more brighter. When this occurs, we experience more prosperity, tranquility and love in our lives. The good news is that nothing can dim our spiritual light. This light becomes apparent to those around us. There is something that attracts others to us. When this happens, we experience a life of health and good relationships.

Our spiritual community can also be a magnet as it draws likeminded individuals to our church. Like attracts like. This is nothing more than the law of attraction being active in our lives. Life is all good. It is everywhere around us. It is our inner light that directs us to the good that often is overlooked. Every experience we have had works for our good. What this means is that there is nothing that can hold us back from God’s magnificent good except ourselves.

As our glorious summer continues, let us remember that the bright light of summer never ceases to shine in our minds and hearts. Nothing can extinguish this light. The spark of divinity exists in each of us. As we continue on our spiritual journey let us remember who we truly are. We are nothing less than children of God that are eternally evolving as the beings of light we are.