Spiritual Leader Message

 by Dr. Bob Churilla

A glorious new year is ahead of us. Many cannot wait for the current year to end. It has been a year of the coronavirus pandemic, racial injustice and economic challenges. Even from the past year and all its challenges there are many lessons we can learn from the experience. We can take these lessons into the new year.

Some of the lessons we learned are gifts that we must embrace. These gifts include resilience, alternative ways to communicate and acts of love and courage in helping others. Despite having to social distance, we have found ways to stay connected despite not being in the physical presence of our family members and friends. Zoom has become not only a new word in our vocabulary but a new way to communicate. We have examples of great selflessness as health care workers have risked all as they have taken care of patients in their facilities.

Next year will be a glorious new year. The vaccine is here. We will gradually get back to a more normal way of life. But the lessons from the year of Covid will make us better, more caring and more loving as we move into the new year. This will be the lasting legacy of our year of Covid.