Spiritual Leader Message

 by Dr. Bob Churilla

The leaves are beginning to change colors and fall. Another new season is upon us. The metaphor of the seasons is a good illustration of change and the transitional nature of life. Our world is currently in a state of transition between what many of us called normal living prior to the pandemic and the world that awaits us after Covid19 becomes a memory. These periods of change are a time for hope. We know that God only has our good in mind. Everything is for our good. Even though some challenges in our life may not seem pleasant at the time, they ultimately are part of God’s purpose for our greater good.

Closely related to hope is faith. In Unity, faith is one of our Twelve Powers. With faith, hope becomes more than a desire. It becomes a belief that our good is assured. It is an expectation that good is on the way. As we await our good, we act “as if” what we have faith in is already here. So as we await a new, better world in front of us, we can have confidence in a glorious new experience of life. The best is yet to come.