Spiritual Leader Message


We Are One

 by Dr. Bob Churilla

In recent weeks we have seen a growing incivility and harshness towards others that are different than us. As truth students we know that despite seeming outside differences we are one in Spirit. By focusing too much on outer appearances it is easy to feel threatened by those that have different ideas and beliefs than we do. It is quite easy to develop a selective amnesia about the commonalities that all of us on the human journey have. As we watch the news unfold in front of us, it is wise to remember that at our core we all magnificent creations of God.

Overcoming the inflammatory messages we are bombarded with through the media can only be overcome if we constantly remind ourselves of the eternal spiritual principal that we are one. Remembering who we are is a chief way that we can remain positive in a very negative world. How do we do this? Practices that encourage contemplation can be a great help. This is a time when we can take the time to think about how we are more alike than different.

It is also good to remember that we are individual manifestations of God. Each of us brings many gifts to the world. There has never been anyone like us before and there will never be anyone with our unique qualities to replace us. We are here to manifest the love of God. The only way we can do this is to be inclusive and loving towards all. As we do so we create a world that works for everyone.