Spiritual Leader Message

 by Dr. Bob Churilla

We look around at our world, and at first glance we may think that other persons or events have more power and influence than us. In fact, we are more powerful and influential than we could ever imagine. A basic principle in Unity is that everything begins with a thought. Where we are at in life is a result of our thinking. In short, we are co-creators of our life with God.

Even more power to co-create exists when we join with others to create the kind of world we want. There is power in numbers. When we join in prayer we raise the level of consciousness. The vibration we send out into the world has transformative power. If we don’t like what we see, we can just change our thinking to what we would like to experience.

One only has to see the evolution of humankind over the centuries to see the power we have to change things for the better. As Marianne Williamson once wrote, we at times are more fearful of how powerful we truly are. Let us remember the light of Spirit shines brightly within us. Our own destiny lies within our hands. For we are only a thought away from a better world.