Spiritual Leader Message


Life as a Spiritual Journey

 by Dr. Bob Churilla

Life has its twists and turns. At times it takes us to the heights of exhilaration. At other times it seems life brings us to our knees. But both the exhilarating and the depressing are for our good. Everything works for our good. It is on this life plane that we learn our most profound lessons. The experience of life helps us grow. Any challenge is only temporary. We are all on what Joseph Campbell calls the Hero’s Journey.

We must remember we are part of the collective Son of God. Just as Jesus overcame so can we. Actually, Jesus is our chief wayshower on how to learn and grow from life. In his teaching Jesus reminds us that we would do things greater than he did. It only shows the inherent spiritual power that we all possess. All of us will overcome. Our good is assured.

At its core, life is a spiritual journey. We are all on a spiritual path that will take us to the same destination. Ultimately, we all will arrive at that destination. Despite the twists and turns of our journey our success is assured. This is because with our inner Christ nothing can stop us from manifesting our glorious destiny.