Prayer Chaplains

The Prayer Chaplain team here at Unity of Massillon is prepared to help others become more aware of the Presence of God within that does the work of uplifting, soothing, comforting, loving, and guiding.  Our team is dedicated to opening that space for anyone who wants this aid.  Marie Kramer is one of our Prayer Chaplains. She says, “I have learned to open and hold the divine connection through affirmative prayer and faith. It is an honor to do this and I await in joyous anticipation the growth and evolution of this service to my fellow journeyers.” We are not alone. Where two or more are gathered in my name I am amongst you!

Prayer Chaplains are now available to pray with you after each Sunday service. Prayer Chaplains will also be available to pray with you over the phone and through home and hospital visits during the week. During the week call the church office with any requests for Prayer Chaplain assistance.

Our Prayer Chaplain Team:
Marie Kramer
Shannon Ensign-Spillios