Peace Center

Unity of Massillon in Massillon/Jackson Township, Ohio is pleased to announce the formation of the Unity of Massillon Peace Center. The Peace Center will provide personal coaching, mediation and consensus building services for persons and organizations in the Akron/Canton, Ohio area. Services will be provided by a trained mediator and conflict resolution consultant. This service will be provided at below market cost and will save persons impacted by conflict not only money but help preserve personal and business relationships. A sliding scale fee arrangement is available for those in financial need. No one will be turned away due to finances.


Unity Church of Truth Peace Center will handle the following type of conflicts: 

  • Neighborhood
  • Family
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Employment
  • Family Business
  • Elder Care
  • Real Estate
  • Consumer
  • Small Business

All sessions are confidential and do not require the use of an attorney. Agreements may be reviewed by an attorney.


What are Coaching, Mediation and Consensus Building? 

Coaching allows a trained professional to assist a person or group of people to identify their goals and acquire the skills they need to address issues in their life or organization like conflict. The coach taps into the inner wisdom of the person being coached, helps the person being coached develop a strategy and holds them accountable for their commitments to act. Coaching can help a person handle conflict more effectively in their life.

Mediation involves a third party that is neutral assisting persons in conflict communicate better, address issues causing the conflict and work towards mutually agreeable solutions.

Consensus Building deals with communicating better in group or team processes in organizations or businesses. It involves dealing with conflicts in groups and improving decision-making.


Why Coaching, Mediation and Consensus Building? 

Coaching, mediation and consensus building can save thousands of dollars in attorney fees and loss of productivity. This does not even take into account the damaged relationships that are saved and good morale in an organization that is restored.


Costs of Coaching, Mediation and Consensus Building 

Coaching and Mediation-Individual Disputes
$50-1 hour coaching session
$100-2 hour mediation session (comes out to $50 an hour)

Coaching, Mediation and Consensus Building-Business Disputes
$75-1 hour coaching session
$300-2 hour mediation session (comes out to $150 an hour)
$75/hour for consensus building sessions
The normal cost of coaching and mediation sessions range from $100-$250 an hour. Consensus Building sessions typically range from $200-$250 an hour.


For More Information 

Call Unity of Massillon at (330) 837-3737 or Bob Churilla at (440) 725-8723 with any questions or for a free 30 minute phone consultation.