Reverend Peggy Elia

Written by Dawn Wood

I was on the board when we hired Peggy Elia.  She was a southerner who had no intention of moving above the Mason-Dixon Line, but God had other plans when he brought Peggy to our church.  She was a dedicated minister who put her heart and soul into her messages.  She had a vision for growth for our church and during her time here, the seats were filled – with latecomers sitting in the bookstore.  Peggy loved the Sunday School and was determined to see the children learning and thriving.  Peggy was a former elementary school teacher.  Her teaching skills were evident in her ministerial style.  She was prepared and purposeful.  The church members were deeply affected by her sudden passing in the summer of 1987.

Written by Rosemary Mouse

It is said when the student is ready, the teacher will appear and for me that was Reverend Peggy Elia.  If you did not have the opportunity to know her, she was your mother, your grandmother and your best friend all rolled into one.

 I cannot remember missing any of her Sunday services and couldn’t wait until Wednesday to attend the mid-week study group.  She was a Spiritual Magnet.  Everyone gravitated towards this charming lady from the South.  The church grew and grew under her leadership.

She had a wonderful sense of humor and always wanted to add a restroom not as close to the sanctuary.  She said the current location gave a whole new meaning to the word PUBLIC.

 The lesson she taught me that I will always remember and have since passed on to my daughter and granddaughter is, “You must always act with Wisdom and Love.  If one or the other is absent, the outcome will not be favorable.”

The above advice has led me to believe that is part of the reason Jesus had disciples, not only to pass on his teachings, but also to keep him grounded as he was so full of love.

I say thank you, thank you, thank you “Dear One” as you are forever alive in my heart.

*Minister of Unity Church of Truth