Carole Breckbill made her transition on July 9th, 2015. She was a member of Unity since 1980, first attending in Akron. She also held a membership in Houston and Chicago; after her husband Frank passed she returned to Canton and Unity Church of Truth eight years ago. As we Irish would say, our Carole infused Unity with a wicked wit and a devoted, get-her-done attitude. She dug in on many projects for the church, including producing a stellar newsletter and sending her beautiful hand-made birthday cards to everyone attending Unity. She also graciously took over the new directory project in 2012.

I met Carole seven years ago at Unity, and she’d always greet me with a warm hug and a funny story or observation. Carole offered me much solace when my husband Russ passed; she was a great example of how life does go on after a beloved spouse transitions.

When I spoke with her about three weeks before her passing, she was at perfect peace, and still wonderfully plucky. She maintained “Look, as I told my son Pete, I’m seventy-seven years old…God has something better now in store for me.”

Her Celebration of Life service (which she had written) held some surprises! Pictures of a beautiful, sultry Carole bedecked in full belly dance attire were delightful! Her instructor danced, Cay recited a beautiful reading, and many recalled her profound influence in their lives.

Carole continues to dance – not only in our hearts, but across Heaven itself.

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*Member of Unity Church of Truth.

-Brick Contributed by Shannon Ensign