Myrtle M. Geraghty

1911 – 1995

Written by Dawn Wood

Myrtle Geraghty was a long-time member of Unity.  She managed the bookstore and was faithful in that role.  When we had classes offered during the week, she was responsible for ordering the books and also managing the lending library.  I remember Myrtle for her gentle spirit, her thoughtfulness and her quiet presence.  She was a sincere Truth student.  She had appreciation of people, especially her family, and a good sense of humor.  Myrtle contributed much to Unity and continued to through her daughter, Carole, and grandson, Pete.

Written by Peter Spillios

Myrtle was a positive, loving person who lived her life with integrity and zeal. She had many friends and always found time to be their friend. She meant the world to me. I had the honor of being with her often when I was very young and throughout my youth. I could tell her things that nobody else would possibly believe, and she understood. She spiritually mentored me as I grew up. I spent every Saturday night and Sunday with her. One or two weeks a month she would take me to the Greek Orthodox church in which I was raised and baptized, and the other two weeks I would go with her to Christ United Presbyterian Church. At the age of 10, the Orthodox church told me that I had to commit to coming there and nowhere else, or decide where I was going to go and commit to that. When I told her she didn’t say a word. The next weekend she took me to the Stark County Historical Society where a church group I had never been to was meeting. The group was called Unity Church of Truth. I went straight into the youth program that first day and absolutely loved it. I felt so at home there and wanted to buy the book they had just started. She smiled at me and dug in her purse for the $1.25. I bought the book and continued going exclusively to Unity. By Divine Order, she had given me the gift of spiritual freedom that helped me throughout my entire life.

After retiring from the Timken Company she enjoyed traveling. She went to Swaziland in southern Africa to visit Carole and her husband Frank while they were in the Peace Corps. She would jump in her car and drive to Houston alone to visit them and think nothing of it.

My grandmother is the kindest, most perfect soul I’ve ever met. I love and miss you. Thank you for being my guardian angel.

*Mother of Carole Breckbill, and grandmother of Peter Spillios.

*Member of Unity of Massillon