Frieda Bennett

Written by Dawn Wood

Frieda Bennett was a long-time member of Unity Church.  She joined when the church was located on Market Avenue and 25th Street in Canton.  Frieda was part of the church since the 1960’s when Fred Beale was the minister.  When June Dorrell became our minister in the early 1970’s the church was moved to the present location in Massillon.  For a few years we met at the Historical Center near the McKinley monument for Sunday services while maintaining the building on 25th Street for classes.  Frieda was on the board when the decision was made to purchase the property in Massillon.  Frieda served as secretary on the board during several transitions.  She was a conscientious member of our church, always considering the long-term effect of the decisions made.  I was always appreciative of Frieda’s intelligence and wisdom and was grateful for her mentoring when I served as secretary on the board.

Frieda and Wilfred Bennett contributed so much love and service to our church.  They were dedicated truth students and attended the classes and programs offered.  They helped with Sunday School, and every Sunday Frieda brought in fresh flowers for the altar, all grown in her garden.  She planted many of the perennial flowers in the gardens around the church.

Frieda had many loves:  her children, Kit and Kathy, her cats (Maggie and Happy), her flowers and garden, and pleasant home in North Canton.  She loved her work teaching in a business school, her time living in New York City, her friends at Unity Church, her book club and collection of classic books.  Frieda had many interests and many friends in this area.  She was missed when she moved to Florida to be close to her daughter.  As one of the Wonderful Women of Unity, her heart was in our church and she was true to the teachings of Unity.  I felt fortunate to be one of Frieda’s friends and we maintained our connection with long, regular phone calls.  Remembering Frieda, I am grateful for her contributions to our church family, her sharing of her many talents.  Thank you, Frieda!

*Member of Unity of Massillon