Juanita Berns

Written by Dawn Wood

Juanita Berns grew up on a farm in the Navarre area.  She lived part of her life in California in the San Francisco Bay area where she worked as an executive secretary.  She was living back in Ohio when her young adult son was killed in a car accident.  Juanita suffered loss, sadness, and disappointment and was searching for meaning when she came to Unity.  She credited the Unity teachings for giving her a new perspective and a renewal of her faith.  She joined our church when June Dorrell was our minister.  Juanita appreciated the deeply meaningful messages that June gave each Sunday.  She became a dedicated Truth student and contributed much in the discussions in the weekly classes.

I remember Juanita for her enthusiasm and her intelligence.  She had a keen intellect and thought things through.  You could be sure that her answers were always well reasoned.  Juanita was the church secretary when Peggy Elia was our minister.  She was very competent in that role.  I appreciated Juanita’s contributions to our church and her friendship.  To her friends and family, Juanita was known by her nickname, Suzy. 

*Member of Unity of Massillon