Elmer Schroeder

June 3, 1910 – December 11, 1990

Elmer was born and grew up in Canal Fulton one of 7 children.  His parents immigrated from Germany and owned the butcher shop in the town.  Elmer was captain of the football team playing fullback.

He married Elsie Krites and they had two children – Mary Ann King and Timothy Schroeder.  Elmer was a welder and then owned a cement block business and later was a gas distributor in Dalton for the Gulf Oil Company.

Elmer owned and rode horses and participated in rodeos.  He made sure both of his children had ponies growing up.

He loved fox hunting which involved chasing fox for the sport and not to catch or kill them.

He was proud of his children and their accomplishments.

*Father of Mary Ann King